Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Be Afraid

     In the most recent issue of the Paulist Evangelization Exchange Fr. Tony Krisak speaks about the fears of Catholics when it comes to evangelization. He says that we don't need to know everything about what we believe. Rather, we do need to know why we believe or have faith. Here are the questions he provides to help Catholics get ready to evangelize: How does the Catholic faith help you to respond to the human longings you have? Why do you experience a welcome spirit when you are in the midst of the Catholic community? What is it about your faith that raises enthusiasm and/or hope in you? What kind of perspective does the faith offer you in relation to others, toward those in need, and toward society and the world? Fr. Krisak suggests that if people see that our faith answers our deepest longings, they will respond.
     Here's a link to a a quiz to see how ready you are to be someone who invites others to check out the Church: http://www.pemdc.org/userfiles/media/invitation/player.html

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